About 5dVR

A digital studio based in Cairo, pioneering the creation of absorbing VR/AR experiences. We deliver immersive digital realities that result in total emotional engagement. That is the value of this technology. The platforms and creative content we provide deliver total immersion and an unforgettable experience.


Virtual Reality (VR) is technology that immerses the user into a real or imagined digital reality. This is done with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) or 360 video. The user experiences this reality using a Head Mounted Device (HMD), a mobile device, or a physical installation they can interact with.


"To App or.Not to App. With 5d's highly qualified Danish PM's and professional production network we get valuable creative sparring and can offer our clients great apps at reasonable prices”.

Jimmi Andersen, Account Director, Kidvertising Agency

"It's been a Pleasure to make a real difference for the users of our products in coope- ration with Assima and 5d”.

Lena Ehmsen, Head of Medical Marketing Ostomy Care at Coloplast