The total market for AR/VR in all its flavors is projected to be $150b in less than five years. The technology heralds a massive new frontier that will affect all industries, creating new business models and revenue streams.
We deliver on the following use cases that give the biggest return on investment:


The two biggest industries, games and films, are already starting to see the rewards of this new technology. Nintendo’s stock price doubled after Pokemon Go was released. Hollywood’s leading directors are experimenting with this new form of filmmaking as well.


The best way to learn anything is simply to do it. VR gives you the ability to try any task in a controlled and safe environment.
The beauty of digital reality is that it’s real, there’s no need to learn an additional control system other than the one naturally used in the task. So VR learning is instantly understandable to all ages, regardless of how tech-savvy they are.


The holy grail of any marketing effort is brand engagement. A business that consistently engages its customers retains them.
Cleverly utilizing the entertainment and educational qualities of VR to promote a product or service is bound to be attractive. VR creates an emotional reaction that goes beyond anything seen before.
The end result for the business is customers that are absorbed in the experience. This leads to customer loyalty and profitability. It also creates power customers, people who will vocally advocate for your brand. This social proof helps attracts more prospects and shorten the sales cycle.