We Deliver



We package digital realities then market and distribute them for optimal engagement across VR and mobile marketplaces. The digital realities are either client-branded, or released under our generic label, depending on the source and specific business model.


Physical Installations (Digital Activations)

We install industry standard or build custom real-world installations to match the digital realities we’re creating. These Digital Activations, as they’re called in the industry, provide the tactile experience that is the key part of the AR / MR experience. They’re simply more fun for the user.


Technology Agnostic

We have no ideological bias, we will use whatever technology fits best with the digital reality we’re creating.
We’ve delivered using Oculus, HT VIve, Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Kinect. We’ve used motion capture and natural human interaction for increased realism. As new technologies come online we’ll use them too.